Scoping and decision support

Scoping and decision support

OnSpark can support you in all phases of transformation towards digital maintenance via a range of assessment services for your processes and decision support

Our approach ensures alignment between your challenges, the target level of transformation, your current level of maturity while taking into account the reality of your business. We favor a fast execution, using proven methodologies, best practices specific to each industry and pre-established evaluation grids to speed up the evaluation process.

Example of our services

  • Assessment of the level of maturity in Maintenance / EAM
  • Scoping and choice of an EAM solution

Assessment of the level of maturity in Maintenance / EAM

OnSpark offers its expertise to companies to assess the level of maturity of an organization in the effective and efficient management of its assets. It consists of audit current practices of the organization and identify areas needing improvement. The assessment encompasses several dimensions, such as strategy, processes, technology, data management and organizational capabilities.

By performing an EAM maturity assessment, organizations can identify areas for improvement, prioritize their efforts, and align their practices with the best industry standards. It helps organizations to improve efficiency, optimize asset utilization, reduce costs and increase overall business performance .

Scoping and choice of an EAM solution

OnSpark provides support to companies for the scoping and selection of EAM solutions. The goal is to define the scope of an EAM project and choose the EAM software or solution that best meets the asset management needs of the organization.This process involves identifying specific project requirements, goals and constraints, then evaluating and selecting the most appropriate EAM solution..

The OnSpark team has a extensive experience in using various EAM solutions available in the market, such as HxGN EAM, IBM Maximo, IFS EAM, SAP PM and Carl Software. The mastery of these different solutions, your context and your business challenges, allows us to support you in the choice that best suits your requirements.