HxGN EAM, offered by Hexagon, is a software solution for Enterprise Asset Management. Hexagon is a global technology company specializing in sensors, software and autonomous solutions. With over 37 years of experience since created in 1985, HxGN EAM has its origins in renowned products such as MP2 or Datastream 7i.

HxGN EAM offers a wide range of features to support asset management processes. These features include asset registration and tracking, work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory management, condition monitoring, and reporting. Using this software, organizations can optimize asset performance, improve maintenance efficiency, reduce downtime, and extend asset life.

HxGN EAM offers a full range of features for enterprise asset management. Here are some of the key features of the platform :

Below are the main functionalities available in mobility: 

Open CAD and BIM HxGN EAM OpenCAD is an additional module of the HXGN EAM offer specialized in technical asset management.

The objective of this module is to allow EAM users to easily have a link between the database data and the plans. The module allows you to navigate through plans while retaining the wealth of information entered in the EAM application.

The OpenCAD BIM module, for its part, supports the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) standard, the main interoperability standard for exchanging BIM data. BIM integration for HxGN EAM includes the ability to use the IFC model in EAM and move within that model using the new OC BIM plugin.

These features are just few examples of what HxGN EAM offers for asset management business. The platform is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of each business.