Integration and Upgrade

Implementation, configuration and customization

With more than 50 project experiences and 100 years of cumulative experience, OnSpark consultants have the highest level of expertise for you support in the implementation, configuration and customization of your EAM project.

We have implementation experience for customers in the energy, water, oil and gas, transportation, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and mining industries.

Our success is mainly based on proven methodology which takes advantage of many years of practice to optimize implementation time. This translates into faster delivery times, reduced costs and improved quality of your project. As a result, your return on investment is maximized.

From experience, we adopt a approach design and configuration iterative in our solution development process. It allows toincrease interactions with the professions, responsiveness and reduce tunnel effects.

During the design workshops, each process and business management rules will be implemented by our experts via prototypes to guarantee you a projection as close as possible to your challenges.

The ergonomics of EAM solutions have evolved significantly in recent years, offering multiple access to information (Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone) via portals or dedicated applications. During the design process, our experts will present all of these new technologies to you in order to maximize the user experience and acceptability.

IBM Maximo / HxGN EAM Upgrade or SaaS Migration

OnSpark supports you through upgrade services in order to carry out your projects version upgrade (Ex: MAS V8 migration or earlier version) or your transformation projects towards SaaS (Ex: Migration to the HxGN EAM SaaS offer).

Our different experiences have allowed us to implement a software upgrade strategy, which we adapt to each context.

This strategy aims to define upgrade trajectories by optimizing constraints:

In all cases, the more specific developments the application includes, the more complex the upgrade. This is why we support you via a “Design Authority” type expertise system to always favor the choices that are most consistent with the standard of the software package during its implementation.

In the event that application maintenance (MCO) is not carried out by OnSpark, we offer to carry out a audit before initialization of upgrade work.

Our audit approach

Phase 1: Appropriation of the existing

  • Analysis of the current configuration (technical and functional)
  • Technical appropriation
  • Statement of constraints (DB, Prerequisites, Vison, interface, etc.)

Phase 2: Definition of the migration target

  • Definition of the target architecture (AWS, Azure or SaaS infrastructure)
  • Identifying what’s new in the relevant version
  • Constraint analysis and validation of migration processes to the target version via an upgraded sandbox

Phase 3: Migration strategy

  • Identification of risks and technical corrections to be made
  • Definition of the migration strategy
  • Estimated costs related to the upgrade and planning

Upgrade methodology

Our upgrade methodology must be adapted to each context and each upgrade, in the majority of situations, it is carried out in 4 phases: