IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo

Maximo Asset Management is the maintenance software package whose basic functionalities have the greatest coverage of industrial maintenance standards.

Created in 1985 by MRO Software, a company acquired by IBM in 2006, it is the leader in the field of management of maintenance activities for the company's strategic assets.

Maximo Asset Management allows you to develop comprehensive programs for preventive, condition-based, periodic and unscheduled maintenance. Together, these programs help achieve goals for reducing costs and extending asset uptime.

IBM Maximo offers a full range of capabilities for enterprise asset management.. Here are some of the key features of the platform:

This mobility was designed based on two levers:

  • Client Portal : Accessible from Tablet or PC on the move.

These portals are simple, intuitive, in a “wizard” mode with screens that guide the user as the process progresses. These portals are adapted to each person’s roles and are configurable

  • Disconnected mobility: Accessible from Tablet or Smartphone.

A new intuitive interface was developed by IBM in 2022 offering a redesigned experience which allows any technician or warehouse worker to carry out all the processes of intervention management, inspection tours, reporting, inventory management, etc.

These features are just few examples of what IBM Maximo offers for asset management business. The platform is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of each business.