Cognos Data Acceletor

Cognos reporting

For operational reporting, we work with our partner Data-Accelerator, who has several years of experience in Cognos Analytics for Maximo for civil and military projects.

IBM Cognos Analytics is a platform for Business Intelligence extremely comprehensive which meets the challenges of data exploitation and reporting. It requires prior data modeling which activates its full power and simplifies the use of reporting for end users.

Data-Accelerator specializes in rapid generation of data models extremely efficient and flexible. Its completely disruptive approach greatly simplifies and accelerates the creation of reporting and its adoption by end users.

The data models generated are Cognos standard, precise and rigorous, without intermediate manipulation of data, queries are optimized and developments made easier.


Dashboard Exemple
Logical data model that would have had to be produced manually
Benefits of Cognos Data Models for Maximo: 
  • Extremely fast availability allowing immediate implementation of reporting
  • Systematic delivery of two complementary data models: 1 - relational model for operational reporting 2 - multidimensional model for the study and exploration of data with zoom function (drilldown)
  • Identification of essential data corresponding to user needs
  • No manipulation of data, their integrity is preserved end to end
  • Performance-optimized SQL queries allowing direct, real-time querying of production DBs
  • Clear labeling corresponding to user professions
  • Multi-level modeling for the management of complex organizations
  • Multi-language support: the same report/chart in the user's language
  • Exclusive data pre-selection for dynamic dashboards
  • Possibility of fully modeling the DB or extracting specialized models corresponding to user roles
Dashboard example with drilldown

Great autonomy of the end user, simplified creation of drag and drop reporting
Automatic generation of PDF documents with table of contents.

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